new birds and new commissions

I have just finished four birds for a very new and exciting collaboration with Stampede Style They already work with an amazing wildlife artist by the name of Andrew Howells who I have followed for a little while on Insta so you can just imagine that I was a little bit excited to get this opportunity.

My four feathered beauties are a crow, a stork, a barn owl and a heron. So much fun drawing these gorgeous creatures.

Mr Smith the Crow

Mr Smith the Crow


Lotus the Stalk

Lotus the Stork

Lulu the Heron

Lulu the Heron

Padawan the Barn Owl

Padawan the Barn Owl


All of these feathered beauties will be available as limited edition prints of 100 in three sizes from Stampede Style . This is the first time I have had my illustrations printed at such a large scale and I am so happy with them.

There are so many other gorgeous painted and drawn creatures on their website…its definitely worth checking out.

I hope you love them.x



ETSY design Awards finalist

Seriously…Im a finalist in the ETSY Design Awards for 2016 for Art & Illustration and Paper Design. I am so so proud and truly honoured to be picked…its a pretty big deal for me!!!

My little mate Harry the Wombat was my entry and I knew when I drew him that he was all kinds of fabulous.

Harry the Wombat ETSY Design Awards 2016

There are some seriously amazing artists this year that have been picked, and  no doubt so so many amazing ones that were not. A few of the artists in my category are ones that I already adore and follow on social media so its a big honour to be amongst them.

If you love Harry (and me) please feel free to vote for us. People choice is a big part of this and if you vote you go into the running to win a $500 ETSY gift voucher…its a win win!!!!

Winning this would be amazing but I already feel like such a winner. There has been so much love from my arty community, family and friends that it has even surprised me. Sometimes you need a big group hug and I kind of feel like thats what this is.

So if you have already voted, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart (and Harrys) and if not…you have until June 7th. Here is the link


New Adventures


Lots of things are changing around here and sometimes it can all be a little overwhelming but I am learning to take one step at a time. Lots more on this soon but in the meantime I have just returned from another travelling adventure. It involved a motorhome, 2 kids, my hubby and a journey around the South Island of New Zealand.

It was ahhmaaaaazzziiinnnnnngggg!!! We were surrounded by glaciers, snow capped mountains, lakes, rivers and pretty much different scenery around every bend. I knew it was going to be beautiful but I was blown away by just how seriously beautiful it was.


Lake Tekapo and its teal Glacial waters


Ice capped peaks on the way to Milford Sound

Im not sure if my camera did this landscape justice. I struggled to capture the vastness of this beautiful place. We mainly freedom camped so no big camp grounds for us. We parked our van on riverbeds and beaches with not a soul in sight…just us, the van (and sometimes the sand flies).


Freedom camping at the Beach

We did manage to get bogged here after arriving in the late afternoon. Thats a pretty heart sinky kind of feeling when your enormous vans wheels start spinning. Luckily I have a very handy hubby who managed to get us out. We may have had to jack up the van and use the frying pan as a spade but it all worked in the end.


Light house at Waipapa Point, South Coast

It was four seasons all rolled into one. Crazy winds where I thought the van might just tip over (much to Marks amusement and frustration), freezing sub zero temperatures on some mornings and then days warm enough to contemplate swimming (that never happened). Everyone said we were lucky with the weather and Im pretty sure they were right.


Morning reflections on Lake Tennyson


Sky reflections on the mud flats on the South Coast


Mount Cook

Most of these pics were taken from the places we parked our camper and stayed the night. I feel just a little bit lucky to have spent time in such an amazing place and if you ever get the chance to go you should definitely go and have a big grand adventure.

p.s. I saw an owl, a real one, a white one, just sitting on the ground, in the middle of the day, I may have got a little bit excited, I may have never ever ever seen one for real…ever…until now. ( I know there were lots of commas there but it was pretty exciting…owls are my ultimate)

Go and have an adventure, it makes your heart sing just a little bit!